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Athletic Director

Athletic Director
Cerrato High School
Athletic Director Duties & Responsibilities:

- Providing guidance and direction for a school’s sports program
- Preparing budgets and allocating spending on items such as coaches' salaries, team travel, equipment - purchases, and facility upkeep
- Coordinating with coaches about the scheduling of games and practices
- Collaborating with conferences and leagues about scheduling issues
- Speaking with league officials about subjects such as postseason play
- Determining the time allocated for a field, court, or weight room
- Working with coaches and perhaps a travel coordinator to plan trips
- Coordinating officials and umpires at games and budgeting for their pay
- Filing reports on the status of each team and its successes and shortcomings
- Mediating any disputes between athletes and coaches or between coaches
Start Date
$59,745 ($28.72/hour)
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