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By Laws

By Laws


The organization shall be known as the Mason City High School Athletic Hall of Fame

Our Purpose:

To honor the past and to inspire the future.

Committee Membership:

The Hall of Fame Committee shall consist of a chairman (non-voting) and seven voting members.  The existing Hall of Fame Committee will accept applications and make decisions regarding new members to fill vacated committee positions.

Communication to the Public:

Any and all information regarding the Mason City High School Athletic Hall of Fame can be found on the website address: and by clicking the link titled Hall of Fame.

Guidelines for Election Process:

  1. For the year 2014, the Hall of Fame Committee will select a maximum of ten inductees with a minimum  of eight being student athletes/teams. For the years 2015 and beyond, the Hall of Fame Committee will select a maximum of five inductees with a minimum  of three being student athletes/teams.
  2. Eligibility for former student athletes is limited to those who have graduated from Mason City High School a minimum of ten years ago or whose team won a State Championship at least ten years ago. For example, for the Hall of Fame Class of 2014, a student athlete would have had to graduated from Mason City High School in 2004 or before. Same applies to a State Championship Team.
  3. Nominations will be accepted for any student athlete, team, coach, administrator  or community member
  4. To honor inductees with an Induction Event organized by the Hall of Fame Committee, which will be open to the general public.

Voting Considerations:

  1. The nominee's degree of recognition
  2. The significance of the nominees accomplishments
  3. The nominee's success in athletics at Mason City High School
  4. The nominee's leadership and dedication to the Mason City High School Athletic Program


  1. Nominations may be submitted  by members of the Athletic Hall of Fame Committee  and members of the community and anyone desiring to do so.
  2. Nominations will be accepted only by the completion and submission of a Hall of Fame Nomination  Form. Nomination forms may be found on the website and at the Mason City High School Athletic Department.
  3. Nominations must be received by February 1st of each year to be considered for induction for that year.
  4. Nominations received by the Hall of Fame Committee can be viewed on the website and will be updated periodically.
  5. An induction  candidate's file will become active when the person nominating that candidate submits the completed nomination form prior to the deadline.  In the event a nominee is deceased, a relative or anyone else may complete and return the form.

Hall of Fame Committee  Action Plan:

October - January- Nominations accepted

February/March Selection -  Committee meets to review and vote on nominees. Those elected to the Hall of Fame will be contacted shortly thereafter.

August/September - Induction Event held in conjunction with the first Mohawk home football game.

By Laws:

Any changes/modifications  to these by-laws may be done at any time at the discretion of the Mason City Athletic Hall of Fame Committee by a majority  vote of the members.